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For MED-EL Users and Candidates
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Your hearing journey has only just begun.


Cochlear implants and hearing aids equipped with built-in features like telecoil and direct audio input provide wonderful options to enhance your hearing experiences. Unfortunately, little is known about these features and the process of understanding them can be overwhelming.

Hands On Hearing is a simple-to-understand seminar that will introduce you to the variety of ways telecoil and audio cables can connect you to a world of sound (via assistive devices, direct input, Bluetooth, etc.)

About the Workshops Featured Products

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A telecoil is a special circuit designed to receive wireless signals directly to your audio processor.

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box dai


DAI - Direct Audio Input allows for connecting with a variety of audio cables or mini-receivers.

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MED-EL audio processors can use Bluetooth technology via a variety of third-party products. 

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The easy-to-use remote control: here is a quick overview of the remote control and its functions.

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